Danish furniture repair MelbourneDanish furniture is becoming very popular at the moment and I have been doing more restoration on these pieces. Danish furniture is usually made of tough and hard wood like teak or ash. Danish furniture is simple and beautiful at the same time. Danish furniture is most famous for its tough construction along with an attractive, beautiful finish. Danish furniture rose to fame in the early 1960’s, various objects like the hardy dressers, coffee tables, chairs, credenzas and dining room tables have been popular for many decades. There are many antique furniture lovers out there who would do anything to have Danish furniture in their home. There are certain ways in which you can make your Danish furniture look as good as new.

Caring for Danish Furniture:

Danish furniture requires special care and attention when it comes to restoration and maintenance. Although this kind of furniture is durable in its nature and stands the test of time, proper maintenance will increase its longevity. Here are some tips for maintenance:

Cleaning: When you want to clean your Danish furniture, always use a soft cotton cloth to dust, you can even wet it a bit for better results. If you have a small build up of dirt or grime, you can use a mild soap or oil for cleaning. Never use chemical cleaners.

Oiling: Oiling or waxing the wood on a monthly basis will keep the wood in good condition. For this you can use various types of oil like teak oil, Danish oil or a beeswax furniture polish. When you are applying the oil make sure you do not leave any extra oil be on the furniture, wipe away the extra oil from the furniture and let it dry in air.

Tips for care: Never keep Danish furniture in direct sunlight as the sunlight can dry out and bleach the timber. When you are using your Danish table always use coasters for placing under a glass or cups to protect the surface as water or alcohol can damage the finish.

It is indeed a fact that maintaining Danish furniture is tedious and time-consuming, but you will be definitely pleased with the results and you will get a valuable asset which you can pass on to the next generation.

Cleaning Danish Furniture

There are many techniques when it comes to cleaning Danish furniture, you can use lint free – microfiber piece of cloths for furniture cleaning. For deep cleaning you can utilize mineral spirit or denatured alcohol. If you find any grimy or dirty spots utilize a fine steel wool pad to help erase the build up on the wood.L

For routine cleaning that is to be done every week, use a slightly wet microfiber cloth to clean up the dust. Make sure that the water from the cloth does not remain on the wood as it might leave unwanted marks. For monthly cleaning you can either use beeswax or oil. You can apply this on the furniture with teak or wood oil and use a soft cotton cloth for the process. Let the furniture soak in a bit of oil and then wipe away the excess oil.

There are many people out there who use Danish teak furniture for their homes. Teak furniture is special because of its look and feel, it adds an extra charm to your house. Apart from that, teak is also very user friendly, it can be easily crafted into any piece of furniture. When there are positive aspects there are some negative aspects as well, for instance teak is prone to fading. But you can renew the look of your teak furniture if you know how to maintain it.

Restoring Danish furniture

When restoring Danish style furniture you have to be very careful not to damage the surface veneer.

I have worked on many pieces over the years where people have had a go at it themselves. Most of the time people don’t realize how thin the veneers are and end up sanding through the surface to the timber particle board underneath.

This makes it quite difficult to repair. I have quite a large selection of veneers I use to match in where required. Sometimes it’s best left to a professional!

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