Antique Furniture Restoration MelbourneI have been in the antique furniture restoration industry for 25 years now. Over the course of years I have seen some really bad restoration work. I have been very fortunate as I have obtained knowledge and expertise from craftsman who taught me the traditional ways of restoration.
When it comes to furniture repair, I come across the below in my day to day work.

What is furniture repair?
Furniture repair simply means the art of mending broken or damaged furniture. It covers a broad range of things, from fixing a loose chair to restoring damaged pieces of furniture. Normally this is the perfect definition for furniture repair, but to simplify it further it consists of three main procedures
• Fixing loose parts
• Restoring damaged parts
• Restoring damaged or missing parts

Nails, screws and brackets
The usage of nails and screws do more damage than help in repairing a piece of furniture.
This is especially true when it comes to antique furniture restoration, the right way to repair antique furniture is with glue and clamps.

Over the years I have built up a lot of knowledge and expertise when it comes to antique furniture restoration. Before I start work on a new job I analyze each step and its consequences before actually putting them into action. This process helps me to get a clear picture about the piece of furniture I am working on. I get to know which parts are actually loose or broken. It also helps to have knowledge on the type of joinery, wood species, wood grain and finish that is required for the piece I am working on.

When it comes to furniture repairs, I always prefer to use most of the original parts that I can, rather than adding new timber. It also helps that I have collected a large amount of antique timber from broken furniture. This also helps when replacing missing sections as they have a similar grain and finish to match in with the repair. It helps to maintain the look and authenticity of the piece I am working on.

History of the piece
When you are dealing with antique furniture it is important to know the history of the piece. When a restorer is dealing with antique furniture he should carry out repairs in the same manner and technique as they were carried out generations ago. This shows the quality of your skills and workmanship.

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